Your Voice Matters!

Advocacy is central to every local PTA unit’s mission. Our PTAs see the needs and work to fill them. The role of Seattle Council PTSA is to represent and support the 80+ PTA units in the District, and that means helping to organize our collective voices to advocate for the well-being of all children. We ask that every individual PTA unit in Seattle:Have an Advocacy/Legislative chair on their board of directors

Participate in State PTA legislative events (see WSPTA Advocacy Page)

  • Send at least one delegate to the WSPTA Legislative Assembly each fall 
  • Organize PTA members to attend WSPTA Focus Day in Olympia each winter (Monday, January 16, 2017)

Contact SCPTSA Legislative Chair Eden Mack at or 206-240-6648 with any questions, comments or information about advocacy efforts of your PTA.

Seattle Area PTA Advocacy to Stop Layoffs and Fully Fund Basic Education 

Seattle Schools is projecting a shortfall of $74million for the 2017-18 school year.  Unless the Legislature acts swiftly in the 2017 legislative session to both extend the levy cliff and fully fund staff compensation for the 2017-18 school year, our District will be going through the process of eliminating staff positions and other important budget items. The process for cuts is starting now as schools need to have initial budgets for next year in April.

The cuts don’t need to happen if the State does more to fulfill their obligation to the paramount duty for next school year by fully funding compensation by January 1, 2018, instead of waiting until September 1, 2018 as they have promised.  You can help your legislators to do the right thing by contacting them about this issue.  
See the “Stop Layoffs and Fully Fund Basic Education” flyer for sample messaging and how to contact your Legislators.
Send in a postcard: Print both of these PDFs (on 110 lb. card stock paper) for two postcards per page:  Levy Cliff Postcard Art Side and Levy Cliff Postcard Copy.  You will want four cards per person to send to three representatives and the Governor.  Fill out the “to” and “from” information, add a stamp and send it in!