Smarter Balanced Assessment

Smarter Balanced Testing to Begin this Spring, SCPTSA provides Information and Resources for Parents

Beginning this spring, 3rd through 8th grade and 11th grade students will be given the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC), the new computer-based, national standardized test designed to align with Common Core State Standards. You have most likely received information about SBAC from your school, the District, news media or parents in your community.

Seattle Public Schools has been working to prepare teachers and students for the test, which was piloted over the past several years and is now required statewide. Yet, there are parents, teachers and board members that have voiced concerns about the test, and one Seattle school, Nathan Hale, has voted to not give the test to it’s 11th grade students.

Being a widely discussed topic both locally and nationally, we encourage you to review information about SBAC and consult with your school’s administrators about questions you may have concerning the assessment. To help facilitate the conversation, we have compiled key information, resources and local news coverage, below.

District Resources for SBAC
Learn more about SBAC, how it works, and what the District is doing to ensure a smooth implementation, by visiting the District’s Smarter Balanced Assessment page. The page also provides FAQs and a link to the practice test.

Community Blogs
Some parents and teachers in the District have voiced concerns about SBAC. Here are a few community blogs that discuss their viewpoint: Save Seattle Schools, What I learned Taking the Smarter Balanced SBAC Test, Big Education Ape.

Seattle Education Association
Seattle Education Association, the teacher’s union for Seattle Public Schools, has passed a resolution that opposes SBAC. Visit their website and Facebook page for more info.