Outreach is the cornerstone of any successful PTA.

Reaching out to students and parents to provide support, services and community is the best way to maintain a healthy PTA membership and to ensure that every child has a voice in your school.

  • Who is present at your school?
  • Who is participating in PTA, and who is not?
  • How does your PTA reach out to include those people who are not currently “at the table”?
  • How do your parents know what you are providing to them?
  • Do your families know that PTA exists at your school?
  • How do you make your PTA visible on your campus?
  • Are teacher and staff valued, respected partners?

These are important questions to talk about as a board. Consider having an Outreach Chair or Vice President whose role is to make sure that these questions are answered in action.

Seattle Council PTSA’s  mission is to provide support to PTA units in the School District to help them achieve their goals. Outreach is a component of everything we do:

  • Communication: Website, Facebook, Leadership Update Newsletter
  • Membership:  We send reminders about due dates, answer questions and help schools plan and achieve their membership goals.
  • Community:  Council meetings are a chance for us to share pertinent PTA information with our school PTA boards and members.  The meetings are also an opportunity to get together with PTAs from around the district to see what and how they are making things happen at their school.

If we are all doing our jobs correctly, any PTA board member at any level of PTA is wearing their outreach “hat” and asking “how may I help you?”

To find out more about what is going on with Outreach in Washington State, join the WSPTA Outreach listserv.

The Online Outreach Community is a place where PTA leaders can discuss issues, receive advice, share their experiences, and connect with each other. Anyone interested in joining the Outreach Listserv should send an email to support@wastatepta.org.

Outreach Champion Award

The Washington State PTA Outreach Champion Award is offered by the WSPTA Board of Directors to recognize and honor an individual, local or council unit for continued and dedicated service to all children and families, and whose leadership enhances their community through cultivating collaboration, fostering inclusiveness, championing the cause of the unrepresented and promoting equity and opportunity for all.

As PTA Leaders, we have already seen the result of our state’s changing demographics first hand – in our schools and communities. We see that the families and students are more diverse. We know that in order to achieve PTA’s vision of “Making every child’s potential a reality” we must make a special effort to reach out and include every family in the important work of advocating for all children.

This award will be presented at our WSPTA Convention in May.