Your Voice Matters!

As teachers and parents of children in school, our lives are filled to the brim with responsibilities. It is hard to look up from our daily lives and find the time to do much more than manage work and family.

And yet, our voices are important to bring together to advocate for the wellbeing of all children. The national PTA was founded by mothers concerned about child labor in 1897 and is now a national grassroots network of millions of people working to better the lives or our children. Washington State PTA has worked for 100 years to advocate for all of Washington’s children, and even literally coined the term “preschool.”

Advocacy is central to every local unit PTAs mission. Our PTAs see the needs and work to fill them. Seattle Council PTSA’s role is to represent and support all 81 of Seattle’s PTAs, and that means helping to organize our collective voices. Thankfully, the Washington State PTA supports our efforts through trainings and website resources at tools that you can find here. And we ask that every local unit PTA in Seattle:

Get Involved. Contact your PTA president or the Council legislative chair at or 206-240-6648


Use this file to find the legislators in your district.

Or if you don’t know your Legislative district go to:

Resolution Passed by Seattle Council Board, January 2018


Seattle Council PTSA 2016-17 Advocacy and Legislative Priorities:

Adopted by the SCPTSA board on December 5, 2016

RESOLUTION-Advocating for Extending the “Levy Cliff” and Amply Funding Basic Education (1)

Seattle Council PTSA 2014-15 Advocacy and Legislative Priorities:

Adopted by the SCPTSA board on September 29, 2014

Whereas the Seattle Council of Parent Teacher and Student Associations (SCPTSA) advocates for Seattle’s children’s education and wellbeing, the SCPTSA has prioritized the following 5 issues for the 2014-15 school year:

  1. Ample funding of K-12 basic education per the McCleary decision; with increases in revenue orchestrated in a progressive, equitable, and sustainable manner.
  2. School capacity planning, building maintenance, and capital funding solutions to reduce over-crowding and reliance upon portables, and provide stability, with sufficient and appropriate permanent education environments for K-12 students, both in the present and long term.
  3. Safe environments for all children, staff, and teachers, both at school and during school sponsored activities off school grounds, including appropriate supervision, safe walk zones, safe transportation, and reasonable school start times that support healthy sleep.
  4. Improved family engagement initiatives and processes that increase the authentic collaboration of parents, teachers, and students with education policy makers, Seattle Public Schools staff, and elected officials.
  5. Initiatives and policies that provide all children with equitable access to all facets of a quality education, while giving special attention to our most vulnerable and underserved children.

SCPTSA Votes on Legislative Bills

The SCPTSA Board voted on February 10 to endorse or oppose several bills and one set of Principles. See the full list here. Meanwhile, here are the highlights:

SUPPORTED: Washington United for Fair Revenue Principles. A grassroots campaign that would support new revenues to support K-12 public education and long-term care for seniors.

SUPPORTED: SB 5859. Supports needed updates and corrections to the School Construction Assistance formula to help fund the cost of needed new school buildings and address current overcrowding issues and growth projections.

OPPOSED: HB 1860/ HB 2048: Concerning the division of large school districts, which would split the Seattle School District into two districts. See the SCPTSA testimony at the House Education Committee on February 10.

OPPOSED via Resolution: HB 1497: Would allow the board of directors of large, first-class district’s to be appointed as opposed to elected.

The Washington State Legislature is scheduled to conclude on April 26. This is a critical year because the State has been found in contempt of court, and the legislature has been ordered to make real and measurable progress toward full funding of K-12 education by 2017.
If you would like to be more involved in PTA advocacy, contact the SCPTSA Legislative Chair and sign up for WSPTA Legislative Action Alerts.

Resolution Passed by Seattle Council Board and Membership, November 2015

Resolution Passed by Seattle Council Board and Membership, May 2015
SCPTSA Resolution Affirming Ample Funding of Basic Education

Resolution Passed by Seattle Council Board and Membership, October 2013
Alignment of Sleep Requirements for Optimal Health with School Start Times